Ultra-clean beverage filling line

March 06, 2019

Sacmi showcased two unprecedented ultra-clean beverage filling lines at the World Drink Technology Expo.
On September 12-17, 2005, the World Drink Technology Expo was held in Munich, Germany. Sacmi Group exhibited two ultra-clean beverage filling lines.

1.Volo-Mas 3S/100/20 for soft drink filling lines.

A. Technical characteristics: It is the filling of soft drinks in an ultra-clean environment, maximally eliminating the intrusion of contaminants.
B. Filling speed: 48,000 bottles/hour for a 500ml PET bottle.
C. Basic equipment: A flushing system equipped with multi-scale star wheels; A filling machine equipped with filling valves controlled by an electronic flow meter, and bottle holders for different bottle mouths without conversion; Cover machine.

2. Solo-Mas 14/60/15 Combo for non-carbonated beverage filling lines.

A. Technical characteristics: It is the completion of the non-carbonated beverage filling in an ultra-clean environment, to the maximum extent to exclude the intrusion of pollutants.
B. Filling speed: 22,400 bottles/hour for a 1,500 ml PET bottle
C. basic equipment: a blowing machine is connected to a filling machine through a synchronization system; a capping machine.

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