The source and prevention of defective cartons (top)

March 17, 2019

In the factory, through the inspection of the cartons, the cartons that failed to meet the required standards were classified and concentrated. This is a means of controlling the flow of the defective cartons eight times.

When quality management was at the end of the past, people regarded the removal of defective cardboard boxes as a waste. In order to catch up with the trend of so-called “scientific management,” they established a “quality inspection system,” and the rejection of defective cartons became a habit. Quality control only removes defective cartons and fails to take further measures to prevent the production of defective products. Like a football player, it will stop when the ball is attacked near the opponent's goal. It's a pity that he misses the goal. "Quality is produced, not tested."

Source of defective products

In the end, how is a defective cartons caused? 9 What should be done to solve them completely and once and for all? There must be some reasons for the production of any defective cartons. If these causes can be found and eliminated, no defective cartons will be produced. Or reduce the number of defective products to a minimum. Indeed, no matter what type of product or production method is used, the cause of the malady is ubiquitous.

After finding out the reason, we can find a solution.

Prevent the production of defective products from the following aspects:

Stable staff

The level of personnel flow can often reflect the degree of employee recognition of the company. In particular, companies with high turnover rates, and all the conditions for growth, will be lost along with the flow of people. The same is true of quality. Imagine a newcomer, who is not only inefficient due to poor work proficiency, but also lacks understanding of machines and tools, lack of understanding of materials, unfamiliarity with work methods, and lack of understanding of carton quality requirements, etc. How can we hope to achieve a stable quality from them because there are too many and too many causes? That is, we must also pay a priceless effort. A large number of enterprises are only disturbed by the flow of people, but they have not effectively adopted the "blocking flow" measures. They are actually the biggest obstacles to the growth of enterprises. Stable people say it is easy but difficult. However, if supervisors from all walks of life can treat subordinates with "I have you in mind", it is natural to cultivate work emotions that "you have me in mind." Imagine men and women in love, it is easy to split the horse? Modern people are more pragmatic, in addition to feeling the existence of "I have", often need to have practical action, these actions are the so-called "incentive measures."

(to be continued)

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