Taiwan Launches Green Label Printing Machine

March 08, 2019

The favor of manufacturers for environmental label printing presses has prompted Taiwan's trademark printing presses to be replaced. The trademark printing press industry has seen reinvestment and new business opportunities. In the second half of 2002, orders from Taiwan surged.

In line with the trend, Taiwan Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. has launched an environmentally friendly, continuous-type trademark printing press (LLR-300). The main structure of this type of trademark printing press includes internal and external paper feeding devices, human-machine dialogue screens, and sliding tracks. The machine features uniform ink supply, easy plate loading, adjustable pressure on the pressure roller, and a gold oil device, rotary knife device and UV system.

The company's flat-press trademark presses are easy to operate, flexible, and fast, from paper feeding, printing, lamination, die-cutting to finished product flow operations. The whole machine adopts automatic control. If the material is interrupted or the set quantity is reached in the printing process, the machine will automatically stop and be safe and reliable; the machine can maintain accurate color registration even if it runs 12,000 times per hour. This machine is suitable for self-adhesive labels, cloths, PVC aluminum foil, etc. Parts include rewinding machine, automatic paper cutting machine, die-cutting machine, UV dryer, hot stamping machine, computer report punching, NCT data controller, etc. .

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