Research and Development of Waterborne Curing Coatings and Inks for Emulsion Resins (3)

March 06, 2019

2. Monomers and prepolymers are the main organic ingredients that give coatings excellent performance. Odorless, colored, low viscosity, and low cost are basic requirements for the development of monomers.

At present, although domestically produced monomers are gradually replacing imported ones, they have a certain price competitiveness, but there are problems such as incomplete esterification, polymerization problems that are not well overcome, product viscosity changes, and low purity, and further improvements in quality and market competition are needed. Force provides superior raw material guarantee for the rapid development of photocurable coatings.

The production level of prepolymers of most manufacturers is not high, and epoxy, acrylate, and polyurethane types are produced. However, there are problems such as unstable quality, large viscosity, wide molecular weight distribution, and difficulty in performance assurance. At present, many prepolymers also rely on imports.

Yingli has recently completed the development of series of raw materials and products with independent intellectual property rights such as monomers and prepolymers, and oily and waterborne coatings. It has a very good price-performance ratio and can well meet various UV oil-based coatings. Green and environmental requirements and excellent mechanical performance requirements for materials and waterborne coatings.

(III) Quality and low cost, odorless and environmentally friendly coating production technology

Due to the outstanding characteristics of waterborne coatings, it has become the mainstream product of coatings:

1) It is easy to spray by adjusting the rheological properties and viscosity of the system by adding water and a thickener.

2) No monomer with water as a diluent can solve the problems of volatile components (VOC) and normal temperature cross-linker toxicity and irritation. Moisture can naturally evaporate or be removed quickly using continuous microwave drying equipment.

3) Since there is no monomer, the shrinkage of the cured film can be reduced, and the adhesion of the film to the substrate can be improved.
4) In combination with microwave and infrared drying technology, the drying speed is faster, and the adhesive-free dry film can be obtained before curing, and can be directly repaired, contacted and stacked.

5) Contains no volatile organics, non-flammable, production safety, especially for spraying

6) The cured film has high impact resistance and tensile strength, abrasion resistance, toughness, and if desired, an ultra-thin cured film can be obtained.

7) The usual coating equipment can be used, such as roller coating, shower coating and spray coating. The coating equipment is easy to clean.
1. Yingli has developed a new generation of water-based paint products:

(I) Technical breakthroughs in high-performance, multi-functional emulsions and performance introduction of Yunguang brand waterborne coating products Infineon has successfully developed high-performance emulsion synthesis technology with novel structure and performance of multiple functions. The unique properties of this emulsion The advantage lies in its modulation of Yingliyunguang brand coatings.
The measurement results showed that the performance indicators of Yingliyun Light Coatings all surpassed the national superior grades. The content of organic volatiles in the standard coating is far lower than the China Green Environmental Certification (Green Ten Ring Certification) standard and is not irritating. The paint surface has excellent sensory effect and elastic feel.

The Yingli Yunguang brand interior wall paint that was sampled for normal emulsion content was sent to the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center for testing. It was found that the paint film was resistant to more than 70,000 scrubs without abnormalities. This super scrub resistance performance was extremely strong. Adhesion and excellent paint film surface compactness, chalk resistance, high elasticity and best applicability.

Yunguang Coatings not only has good elasticity - elongation at break is 340%; but also has good resistance to contamination, its anti-pollution index is only 6; has good acid and alkali resistance, salt spray resistance, water permeability resistance After 500 hours of artificial anti-aging test, the interior wall paint formulation is still intact, no blistering, no shedding, no cracks, and no chalking. It can be used as exterior wall paint. Can be a variety of difficult to achieve at the same time - anti-pollution, high elasticity, acid resistance, salt spray resistance, aging resistance, common interior and exterior walls, anti-cracking and paint skin feel as a coating, has not yet seen To. Therefore, we gave him a good name "winlight": many problems, a "paint" to solve (win); color is new, there is always "face" (light). We believe that Yunguang paint has shown The comprehensive performance advantages of environment-friendly, wear-resistant, washable, stain-resistant, age-resistant, anti-cracking, and skin-feeling will certainly be recognized by the coatings industry and enjoyed by consumers.

Recently, Yunguang Coatings competed with many well-known brands at home and abroad in the bidding for the Chongqing Olympic Sports Center. Yunguang Coating successfully won the bid with its excellent price/performance ratio. The marketing network and engineering promotion all over the world have shown the outstanding quality of Yunguang Coatings

2) Four-color screen water-based curing ink

In cooperation with Acer Government Printing Co., Ltd., Yingli Company successfully developed a water-based resin for four-color screen water-based ink extraction and its key component. The water-based UV coating curing rate was comparable to that of oil-based UV coatings through continuous microwave drying technology. With the features of environmental protection and high efficiency, the coloring effect and performance exceed that of similar imported products. This technology will effectively promote the development of water-based UV pigmented coatings and inks in China.

3) Water-based and oily leather finishing agents

For the first time, Yingli Company has successfully developed oily and water-based photocurable finishing agents for artificial leather and natural leather substrates, and applied for national invention patents. In addition to the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, and high efficiency, this type of leather finishing agent developed by Yingli Company also overcomes the disadvantages of the surface roughness of the heat-curing finishing agent after treatment, making the leather with high surface gloss and resistance to bending. , Low temperature resistance, good elasticity, resistance to wet and dry wiping, breathability, good leather feel, can improve the level of leather.

(to be continued)

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