New Measures for the Scientific Development Viewpoint of Domestic Packaging Industry (III)

March 14, 2019

2.3 Green Packaging Materials Will Be Developed and Developed

Under the impetus of the scientific development concept and the emphasis on environmental protection, green packaging has become an inevitable trend in the development of the world packaging industry. In addition to the functions of packaging, protection, convenience, promotion, and information, environmental protection functions must be added. Packages that do not have environmental protection functions will gradually be eliminated under the green barriers of various countries in the world. In the development of green packaging, green packaging materials are the most critical factor. Therefore, the momentum for the development, development and production of green packaging materials in the future will certainly be further promoted and developed. Green packaging materials are an important branch of materials science. Due to the great demand for packaging, research and development on it will certainly attract the attention of researchers other than the packaging industry.

Green packaging materials have the two meanings of resource conservation and environmental protection. It refers to the material that has the lowest environmental load and the highest recycling rate during the entire life cycle. In addition to the common characteristics of general packaging materials, it also needs to have good environmental performance, resource performance, reduction performance and recycling performance. According to the progress of research and development in various countries, green packaging materials can be summarized as follows:

1) Recyclable or recyclable packaging materials; 2) Degradable plastic packaging materials; 3) Edible packaging materials; 4) Unproved vegetable fiber packaging materials; 5) Transgenic plant packaging materials; 6) Lightweight and thin Fluorine-free, high-performance packaging materials; 7) Wood packaging materials; 8) Green nano-packaging materials; 9) Green packaging auxiliary materials (adhesives, inks, coatings); 10) Green packaging materials additives.

In the future, the research and development of green packaging materials in China should focus on China’s resource situation, with the main direction of resource conservation, biodegradability, and easy recycling. In the hi-tech industry, we must closely track international trends, and adopt international green standards in R&D and production. Strengthen research and development cooperation between scientific research institutes and production companies, and work hard to make China's green packaging materials research and development rank among the top in the world!

2. 4 Packaging Basic Industry Will Accelerate Development

China's packaging industry consists of two large blocks. The first is the packaging industry based on packaging and auxiliary materials and packaging machinery and equipment; the second is the packaging consisting of paper, plastics, metal, and glass. Product industry. At present, the second piece of packaging products has passed the efforts of nearly 20 years and has completed a quantum leap, which has made China's ranks among the largest packaging countries in the world. However, the first basic industry is weak and does not match the second, resulting in packaging in China. The industrial structure of the industry is irrational. At present, high-grade packaging raw materials such as PVC, PET, PE, PP, PS and other resin raw materials, high-grade wood pulp and paperboard, corrugated paper, and aluminum foil all rely on imports; the overall level of packaging machinery is behind that of developed countries 20 In the year, 60% to 70% of the current domestic demand, especially for complete sets of equipment with high technological content, such as complete sets of corrugated board production equipment, plastic packaging production lines, lightweight glass production lines and complete sets of equipment for packaging and printing, are also dependent on imports; The current overall production status of machinery is simple structure, low technical content products, high value-added products, high productivity products; general machinery, special requirements, special materials processing packaging machinery less; more than one machine, complete set of lines, complete The compatibility is poor; heavy production and processing, light research and development, and innovative products independently developed are rare. Therefore, China's basic packaging industry has little support for the product industry. This is also an important reason why China is currently a “big packaging country,” but it is still not a “powerful country”. According to the concept of scientific development, it is necessary to develop “comprehensively and harmoniously”. To establish an independent and complete packaging industry system in China, the internal industrial structure of the packaging industry in China must be adjusted and balanced. The basic packaging industry will inevitably be strengthened.

With the growth of China’s economy and the growth of foreign trade exports, it is expected that by 2010, the demand for the packaging market will reach at least 5,000 to 600 billion yuan. In the 21st century, China will be the largest packaging market in the international economy. Demand for raw materials and packaging machinery will also increase significantly. Experts predict that the annual growth rate of global packaging machinery demand will be about 5.3%. It will reach US$29 billion in 2005 and increase to US$40 billion in 2010, of which China and India will occupy the largest share. Therefore, both domestic and international markets are The demand for packaging machinery is enormous. Such a large demand will also stimulate and stimulate the rapid development of China's packaging industry.

(to be continued)

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