Moog Develops a Special PowerShotTM Injection System

March 15, 2019

In view of the good market prospects of hydraulic-electric hybrid injection molding machines, Moog has developed a dedicated PowerShotTM injection system with closed-loop drives dedicated to hybrid injection molding machines and has become the standard configuration for multiple manufacturers to develop hybrid injection molding machines.

PowerShotTM combines electric and hydraulic technology and eliminates the need for externally driven power, saving energy. Not only has the high power, high speed and precision demanded by general hydraulic technology, but also has the characteristics of low energy consumption, environmental protection, low maintenance cost and modularity of electrical technology, which is very suitable for the high speed required by large and medium-sized tonnage plastic injection molding machines. Injection molding control applications for high pressure processing.

At present, Moog uses PowerShotTM injection system technology to jointly develop a new hybrid injection molding machine with Japan's UBE Machinery Group. The injection molding machine will be used to process a new type of plastic that is different from traditional plastics. It requires faster and more compact machine performance than conventional hydraulic injection molding machines, with higher power, such as an injection rate of 800 mm/sec and a torque of 3000 N-m. After a number of tests, UBE believes that the PowerShotTM injection system has a unique technology that not only reduces the energy consumption, noise level, oil volume, and maintenance requirements of the injection molding machine, but also reduces the size of the equipment and can handle extremely demanding operating conditions.

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