Miniature corrugated parameters and specifications

March 29, 2019

With the development of the packaging industry, the production of corrugated board is moving towards high efficiency, low consumption, aesthetics, refinement, and practicality.

The new miniature corrugated board has risen quietly in the European market. Due to its unique and unique properties, it has quickly been accepted by color industry professionals and has also attracted wide attention from the packaging industry in China.

Corrugated roller is the key to the production of corrugated board, so the design and manufacture of corrugated and reeds is the first to bear the brunt. Currently, domestic reports on the relevant parameters of micro-corrugated mulch are not uniform in the county. Such as: E 楞 national standard 楞 high H = 1.1-1.8, but some reports: E 楞 H = 0.8, F 楞 H = 1.7, in some places and the current national standard there is an inconvenience.

At present, there is no unified standard for microwatts in China, which undoubtedly affects the healthy development of microwatts to some extent. Therefore, it is necessary to divide the domestic micro-watts parameters and specifications, and refer to relevant foreign standards, and then formulate a standard in combination with specific domestic conditions. Otherwise, it will lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and childbirth.

In the process of designing and manufacturing the microwatt corrugated concrete, the division of the parameters and specifications of the corrugated teeth is basically based on the principle of national standards.

1. E-type: dental caries height 1.1-1.8mm, sickle-shaped UV, 96+-4楞/300mm.
2.F 楞 type: rake tooth height 0.8mm, 楞 shape UV, 140+-4 楞/300mm.
3. Type G: Dental caries height 0.55mm, dome shape UV, 170+-4/300mm.
4. N-type: Dental caries height 0.40mm, wart-shaped UV, 218+-4/300mm.

The actual use has confirmed its rationality and basically meets the requirements. The above parameters are only for reference by domestic counterparts. The “N” type is still to be solved in the manufacturing process of the diamond forming wheel of the supporting plant.

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