Experts talk about carton supplies procurement - accessories

March 08, 2019

Second accessories

corn starch

China is the world's largest producer of corn, and its output accounts for one-fifth of the total corn production in the world. The production areas are mainly concentrated in the northeast, Huanghuaihai, and northwest. At present, domestic starch factories are broadly divided into three types: first, adopting domestic advanced technology and advanced equipment; second, adopting traditional crafts and home-made equipment, or partially adopting domestic-made advanced equipment; and third, introducing foreign production lines, such as introducing the United States, Germany, and Sweden, etc. Equipment or production line. At present, there are more than 90 manufacturers of corn starch in China, 59 of which are more than 10,000 tons. Well-known large companies include: Shandong Zhucheng Xingmao Maize Development Co., Ltd., Jilin Huanglong Food Industry Co., Ltd., Changchun Dacheng Corn Development Co., Ltd., Shandong Junengjin Maize Development Co., Ltd., and Jiliang Sailishida.

Corn starch mainly has the requirements of sensory and physical and chemical indicators. The key is to do a good job of moisture-proof work and keep it dry and clean. The bags must be strong in bags and sealed in bags so as to ensure no leakage during handling, transportation and storage. The storage location should be kept clean, ventilated, dry and cool, and it should be protected from sunlight and rain. Fire is strictly prohibited.

Flat yarn

The selected flat yarn requires a good quality of material to meet the standard, and the bad quality of the flat yarn will affect the degree of wear and service life of the machine.

As a flat wire for corrugated boxes, the surface should be bright, not bent, and the material should be soft. No matter what size of flat yarns are purchased, it mainly depends on the materials and processes used by the raw material factory.

In the flat yarn production process, materials that are strictly selected, such as unqualified flat yarn materials, often appear broken nails and flat yarns cannot be delivered. In the flat yarn production process, the specification of the flat yarn is determined according to the model of the nail machine produced by the carton factory. When using flat tape, be sure to pay attention to the long-term maintenance of the stapler, and various accessories need to be replaced regularly.

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