Corrugated carton water-based ink procurement (2)

March 16, 2019

The future development trend of ink painting

Environmental protection

The most important application field of environment-friendly water-based inks is packaged products, of which food packaging, tobacco and wine packaging, and children's toy packaging occupy a considerable proportion. With the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, the urgent need for “environmentally friendly” printed materials is increasing.

Whether or not ink painting can enter another climax in the future market, the ink and wash manufacturing industry regards government initiatives as the ultimate driving force. The environmental protection department has been demanding the final zero emission of VOCS (volatile organic compounds), which means for printers that it is necessary to gradually reduce the release of VOCS, which will eventually promote the application of ink. At this stage, there are pressures from various sources that environmental issues will be further noticed. In order to achieve increasingly stringent environmental management goals, printers are always looking for new ways of solvent ink printing operations to meet government regulations. The current focus of the printing industry is to strengthen the treatment of emissions from solvent ink printing. The usual practice is to use "incinerators" to absorb and incinerate VOCS. Others are more creative in the application of microbes or bacteria processing systems that use VOCS to feed food. . All of these methods rely on the efficient absorption of VOCS for transport to systems that can be neutralized or incinerated or absorbed by microorganisms. Although the environmental protection department still does not have a thorough and detailed development plan, it only continues to strengthen guidance and management. However, we believe that the strong guidance of environmental protection will have a significant impact on the final transition to ink and wash.


With the continuous development of the society and the improvement of standard consumption levels, the printing of corrugated boxes must gradually develop in the direction of high-grade, high-quality, multi-color, and strong visual effects. In the direction of multi-color printing of colored noodles, it is also based on commodity packaging instead of transport packaging. The use of whiteboard cattle card to replace the box board cattle card, to achieve bright colors, good gloss, beautiful and so on. To achieve the above standard; er, high requirements for plate making and printing inks, medium and high-grade carton printing plate making must replace the rubber plate with a flexible version, and use high-quality water-based ink to achieve luster, vividness, quickness, and adapt to high-speed production.

Easy to use

The progress of ink-ink technology is gradually accepted by the flexographic printing market. This is mainly due to the fact that ink ink has been surpassing solvent-ink systems for many years and has advantages in ease of use and simple printing. Recently in Europe and North America, product innovation has been driven primarily by meeting user requirements. The easy-to-use specific requirements come from users, which will also be the driving force for new product development. The current performance requirements of ink users are: PH stable ink system, the ink manufacturing industry must develop a stable PH value in the printing process, that is, in the printing without having to detect and adjust the PH value; re-solubility is another important In the research field, the resin tends to cure during the volatilization of amines, even on the printing plate. Recently, ink manufacturers have improved the performance of the resin to make it easier to dissolve, which means that the printing system can be operated for a longer time before cleaning, ie, the throughput is increased; the ink application requires continuous improvement in the application of the polyethylene substrate. Performance; Ink-printing packaging for alkali resistance, as well as in cold; East food packaging applications. The ink-and-wash manufacturing industry is expected to increase the surface resistance of ink-and-ink printing products to make more products water-based, especially in terms of oil resistance, grease resistance, and better heat and freezing resistance.

The promotion of new technologies

The application of inkjet printing and RFID technology in corrugated carton packaging has promoted the development of ink technology. Conductive ink printing is the most convenient solution for RFID applications and will soon become an indispensable material for corrugated cartons.

This year, with the rise in global oil prices, ink raw materials also follow the floating, but the domestic ink manufacturers have not yet raised the price of water-based ink, it can be predicted that if the price of oil has been held high, it will inevitably affect the price of ink. At present, there is no major change in the purchase amount of water-based inks for each carton plant, and the overall amount of water-based inks is showing an upward trend. The price of ink is relatively stable.

Author: Sunxue Fu Tung Wah Ming carton factory in Tianjin

Source of information "Corrugated carton" 2005, 9

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