A patented technology for environmental protection and income increase in the Ejin Holo Banner, Inner Mongolia

February 23, 2019

What can a patented technology bring? Different people can give different answers. The people in Inner Mongolia’s Yijinhuoluo County have made a big fuss about a patent, protecting the ecology by relying on it, increasing farmers’ income by relying on it, and building leading companies rely on it.

The Ijin Holo Banner is located on the northern edge of the Mu Us Desert. The desert in the immediate vicinity allows the Yiqi people to feel the challenges of nature at all times. In the long-term practice, people find a desert plant - Salix is ​​very suitable for the arid climate and environment here. Salix is ​​a shrub species suitable for local growth. It has a well-developed root system, strong drought tolerance, and good performance in wind and sand fixation. At present, there are more than 1.5 million acres of Salix woodland in the territory of the Ejin Holo Banner. These are forest lands. Local wind protection and sand fixation have played a significant role in protecting the ecological environment.

At the call of governments at all levels, the local people began planting Salix in order to improve their living conditions. But this kind of plant should be leveled once every two or three years, otherwise it will naturally die. However, the shady twigs that are cut down by the razor clam can only be used for firewood.

In October 1999, a patent for invention: The technical project of "dry production of medium density fiberboard with salix as raw material" was identified by Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Department as the latest scientific and technological achievements in Inner Mongolia. treasure".

In order to make good use of Sarawak resources, relying on this technology, Yijin Holo flag built Tianjiao man-made board company.

The original Salix branches that did not have much use found a way for industrial development and utilization. The farmers and herdsmen found a way to increase income from the branches of Salix psammophila.

When we visited the factory of the board building company, Zhao Qingshan, 41 years old, was holding a tractor and pulling a branch of sand and willow branches. He is a villager in Manjiamiao Village, Boertaige, Iraq. “In the past, Salix was a fire, and there were no other uses for it. It was planted for more than 20 acres. In 2000, it began to plant more species. Now, the family has contracted more than 70 acres of sand to plant Salix psammophila. Here, more than 80 households in the village basically plant Sarawak, and each family can earn more than 2,000 yuan per year."

Last year, Tianjiao used Sauli to produce 50,000 cubic meters of medium-density board, and paid more than 12 million yuan to farmers and herders. This greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers and herdsmen in planting Salix. The peasants and herdsmen conscientiously contracted barren hills and desert sandy lands for planting Salix psammophila. At the same time, the banner people's government and the forestry department provide strong support and guidance in reform and technology. The company has also established a demonstration base for the industrialization of Sarawak Science and Technology to promote a wide variety of high-yielding and quick-growing Sarawak farmers around the region.

On April 2nd, 4-5 winds were blown. Zhao Yilu, Minister of Publicity of Iraqi Flags, told reporters, “If this is surely long before, the yellow sand will be in the sky.” In recent years, thanks to the wood-based panel industry, farmers and herdsmen planted sand. With the increase in the area of ​​Liu, bare sand is barely visible. In the past, there were more than 30 Yansha days a year, and now it is 3-5 days a year.

It is understood that these medium-density boards produced with Sabah will now be in short supply in the market, mainly sold to Urumqi, Chengdu, Xi'an, Hohhot and other places, becoming the leading industry of the Iraqi flag.

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