August 13, 2019

Wood preservation mechanism Antiseptic treatment is to eliminate the necessary conditions for the above microorganisms to survive by some means. First, to achieve the purpose of preventing its reproduction. For example, soaking wood with water is to break off the oxygen of m

August 09, 2019

Photochromic inks, also called photochromic inks, are photochromic or photoactive compounds that are added to the ink. In the sun, the ink can change from colorless to colored, or from orange to black, etc., and can generally be divided into common type and UV type. . Ordinary type means that unde

August 08, 2019

Dutch company HollandColours has developed a new white pigment called HolcomerUHT. The new product is specifically designed for the production of single-layer PET plastic bottles for ultra-high temperature milk packaging. This new type of pigment protects packaging components such as milk from UV l

August 07, 2019

There are lessons to be drawn from the experience gained in labour production. 1. How to deal with pits after printing? When printing on the aluminized film or coloring on the white ink graphic, pinhole failure often occurs due to too much cohesion of the resin binder in the ink or the ink syste

August 07, 2019

According to the color separation theory, C (cyan), M (magenta), and Y (yellow) colors can reproduce images. Why does K (black version) be used for printing? A: Theoretically CMY can reproduce thousands of colors, including black of course. But this is in terms of the ideal ink, and the actual in

August 06, 2019

The reporter learned from the China Brewery Industry Association that domestic wines are now in line with international standards, ranging from taste to physical and chemical indicators. However, the market has formed an inertial understanding: wine is better than domestic products. Coupled

August 04, 2019

Shockproof packaging, also called cushioning packaging, occupies an important position in various packaging methods. From production to production, the product undergoes a series of transportation, storage, stacking, and loading and unloading processes and is placed in a certain environment. In an